Our mission is to future-proof your ESOP business one employee-owner leader at a time.

We specialize in advancing subject matter experts who are leaders, managers and key personnel. We focus on two keys:

Everyone benefits from leadership grooming. Especially, your key people deserve to be recognized for their unique knowledge. It pays to give them the support to bring that expertise to an even higher level of impact and success.
It is crucial is capture that knowledge and systematize it, so that the rest of the team can use it now and well into the future.

Both keys enhance business income, value, and sustainability. These are crucial to ESOPs.
We specialize in working with
Experienced leaders giving them an unbiased sounding board and fresh eyes
Promoted managers and leaders who will gain faster traction with top-notch coaching
1. Speed up your ESOPs business growth, sustainability, and owner initiative
2. Advance subject matter experts extraordinary who are leaders/ managers
3. Support employee-owners in leveraging their expertise
4. Ensure the team’s efforts are focused on the company’s mission
5. Develop employee-owners in conventional and remote offices
6. Preserve your intellectual capital through our Brilliance Extraction system – we create structures like processes, trainings, and policies that make growth replicable
7. Put in place/ improve ownership thinking
8. Turn around ESOP companies or departments/ team within them

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