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Capturing Your ESOPs Intellectual Capital for Sustainability and Growth

By Stephie Althouse / May 22, 2019

In the ESOP world we often talk about sustainability. Many times the conversation is more about the sustainability of the ESOP plan itself; how to manage the shares ares managed and make sure new employee-owners see the ESOP as an exciting opportunity. These aspects of sustainability are very important. Yet, what about the sustainability of the […]

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7 Essential Reasons To Add The Term “Considered Purchase” To Your Business Vocabulary

By Robert Donnell / May 20, 2019

The term considered purchase relates to the amount of research, a potential customer engages in before buying.  The amount of research undertaken is typically proportional to the size of the purchase. In other words, you would do a lot more research for a $1000 purchase than you would for the $2 purchase. Right? Also, the […]

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Leadership Lessons From Employee-Owned Companies

By Stephie Althouse / April 14, 2019

Have you ever heard that employee-owned companies can earn higher profit margins than their non-employee-owned competitors in the same industry? If you have a company full of talent, even if you don’t have any employee ownership program, you still might like to know: What Can High-Talent Companies Learn From Employee-Owned Companies? P5 Radio asked Dr. Stephie Althouse, Geek […]

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