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Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

Stephie Althouse headshot

Stephie Althouse, Ph.D.

ESOP Business Wizard

Stephie is a recovering Ph.D. chemist. She got so curious about how peoples' brilliance can be successful in the marketplace that she took on roles of executive leader, turnaround specialist, consultant and coach. She has the tools to grow and scale smart companies.

Robert Donnell

Robert Donnell, MBA

Sales and Marketing Guru

Robert has an interesting mix of sales and marketing backgrounds. He is hyperfocused on marketing delivering results, which means revenues coming in. He is sharp and witty and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to bringing your brilliance to market.


Irene Donnell

Social Media Content Strategist

Irene has a keen sense for connecting the dots between your company's message and your ideal target audience. She is a master in fine-tuning and expressing your voice to your target audience. Irene helps companies express their brilliance to the world.

In a nutshell, Stephie extracts your brilliance and structures it, Robert packages it in an online learning management system, and Irene delivers it to the world.
We look at your organization with fresh eyes and help you focus on the activities that will give you a high return-on-investment, as soon as humanly possible.

A Bit of History

Stephie used to focus on growing revenues and creating sustainability for our clients. She helped high-expertise companies convert their expertise into more revenue.
Robert focused on sales and marketing strategies and systems. Irene focused in on marketing communications.
Our client companies grew, some even from the brink of going out of business.
When Stephie, Robert, and Irene met, something even more magical happened. While working together we discovered something powerful.
Together we could do so much more with and for our clients than either of us could alone.
We discovered that integrating business strategy with marketing strategy created unique opportunities.
We found that a company's brilliance is locked in the minds of a few key individuals. We discovered that when this brilliance is extracted and shared, great things happen.
Are you ready to extract and leverage your company's brilliance?

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